Saturday, May 28, 2011

thee appreciated | lisp version

Last month we appreciated Art Dummy so it goes hand in hand that we follow up the ever-flowing creativity of Art Dummy with the ever-creating genuis of Lisp. I've watched Lisp flourish this past year. They went from having a smaller store of original themed sets to having a sim full of sets that are appropriate to decorate your whole house with.

Lisp not only cranks out new items on an almost weekly basis but they do it without missing out on the small things. The texturing and details they put into their work is what makes checking out the new releases fun to see. I've seen and picked up many things from Lisp, some of my favorites being an umbrella lamp that had the raindrops as the the bulbs, a book shelf made of books, a hanging lightbulb with a mustache, any and all of their holiday decor is great. If you haven't been before make sure to check out their Halloween set. Check out some of the items Lisp has to offer below and then check them out in world here.

Everything pictured below is from Lisp with the exception of myself and the structure which is from *Funky*Junk* Lil Country Shed. For more pics of the items featured check my flickr.