Friday, May 27, 2011

thee 50l fri 05.27.11

I was really impressed with this weeks 50l fri, so much so that it made me wanna change my av. I don't change on a daily basis, sometimes on a weekly basis, but todays 50l fri made me wanna change twice!

I really liked the boots over at Fir & Mna, I still need to try the jeans but I scooped them up too. Ingenue had some cute flats I bought for me and gifted my kid av =] Kyoots bathing suits, League and Miel's jewelry, Olive Juice's poses, Fawns leggings, basically everything was a win this week. My favorite thing was Miel's jewelry it came with a necklace and bracelet that both had huds where you can customize the beads to say whatever you want. Imma sucka for personal touches. Check out all the 50l fri goodness over at the Rumor blog.


lotd 05.27.11

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