Saturday, October 29, 2011

thee happy hallowiener

MJ - Thriller

myspace graphic

Make your own animation

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace
Make your own animation

Happy Hallowiener!

I put all my sl costumes on and took a pic using Olive Juices thriller poses to try and recreate it, I am kind of ashamed at how nerdy I can be at times. Don't judge me. =]

PS - If anyone has a tumblr blog let me know so I can add you, we are moving over there!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

thee lazy sunday

Lazy Sunday - Cereal Killer artwork $50l each

happy sunday <3

J. Cole feat. Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough

Friday, September 2, 2011

thee sidewalk sale

The Nest is having a Labor Day Party going on at The Nest this weekend and it all starts today at 4pm SLT with music and fun!

Our Sidewalk & Gatcha sale items!

[w]under kokeshi dolls gatcha

[w]under The Nest sidewalk sale

Sunday, July 31, 2011

thee weekend picks 07.31.11

Some of my fav things from this weekend...

sittin on the dock of the bay...

Interior Addiction Boat Shack
Interior Addiction Boat Shack - Spruce Up Your Space

Benny Loves Whales
Cheeky Pea Bench - Spruce Up Your Space

Pembroke Gardener's Cottage for Super Bargain Weekend

Pembroke Gardener's Cottage Accessories
Pembroke Gardener’s Cottage & Accessories for Super Bargain Weekend

too many teapots. (gatcha)
Art Dummy too many teapots - Albero Gatcha Festival

Picture from Callia Pearl *'s photostream
Naminoke Head Gatcha - Albero Gatcha Festival

Picture from Lindsay Rozen's photostream
D-Lab's Mermaid Gatcha

Intrigue Co. - Piñata Attachment
Intrigue Co. - Piñata Attachment for La Venta

Project Themeory - Week 60
ROZENA Neko Girl Pose Set For Project Themeory

nestle my bosom polaroid pose set Super Bargain Saturday

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

thee weekend picks

Here is some cool shit I found this weekend that I thought I'd share with you! And thanks to sl.feeds & the rumor blog for the pics! You guys made this post easy for me =]

Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters for SUYS
I got this at apple blossom for my sl boat house, its cute and I put some pics of my boo up. $150l

I can never resist funky junk. I love their builds. $150l

{what next} Summer House Window Seat & Shelves (Nautical)
Usually when I try and put together an sl house I am always looking for something to take up wall space, this is a perfect fix! $150l

UrbanizeD - Zen & Massage Deck "Bali Dream" - Limited SUYS Edition ( AD )
This is a no brainer and it comes with stars (imma sucka for a star.) $150l

mudhoney princess playhouse
Perfect hideout for my kid av harmie. From the poupou hunt $0l.

little bed with bunny.
This is some sweetness. From the poupou hunt. $0l.

Insight designs always offers some quality textures, so it was greatness when they put these out for free this weekend! $0l

I love art. $40l each - handmade so its beyond worth it! Support your artists!

Intrigue Co. - Duck Raincoat: Project Themeory

I wasn't going to get this at first bc I have a picnic set up thats nice but after looking closer and seeing the fly details like the radio, I couldn't resist. $50l

They're cute and well done. $50l.

dope lil hair accessory. I don't remember the price but probably $70l.

Hope you guys find some stuff you love this weekend too! Please share the coolness if its worth a mention! Happy Shopping =]

Amy W. - Back In Black

Saturday, July 16, 2011

thee meet steevo the shark


The Seasons Hunt is by far my favorite and one of the very few hunts I'll do on sl, it may be the only hunt besides the tea hunt I complete. Its always well organized with tons of great prizes and fun themes. This year we are on the lookout for Steve the Shark!

I definately enjoyed some of the slickness of the store owners that put out multiple Steve's so you have to find the right one (Cheeky Pea & Epoque did a great job of this.) I'd have to say What Next had the most appropriate placement for Steve and {theosophy} had the most original placement. All in all I finished the hunt this morning and I couldn't have done it without a friend I picked up along the way named エリエリ (ellyerie.eddenbaum). We stuck together after afks and crashes and completed the hunt together in no time! Thanks elly for all your help =]

There are no hints with this hunt, which is expected, it is the OG of hunts and well, whats a hunt with hints...its not a hunt. But if you get stuck trying to find some of the clever hiding places, there is a group in world you can join and ask in chat for some help. You'll get a mixture of replies from helpful to asstastic, but someone is sure to help.

Check out all the stores and their landmarks here at the official Seasons Hunt blog. Happy Hunting!

Here are a few of some of the great hunt findings (more on flickr)...



Strong Arm Steady & Talib Kweli - Hunters