Saturday, July 23, 2011

thee weekend picks

Here is some cool shit I found this weekend that I thought I'd share with you! And thanks to sl.feeds & the rumor blog for the pics! You guys made this post easy for me =]

Beachcomber Hall Table & Decorative Shutters for SUYS
I got this at apple blossom for my sl boat house, its cute and I put some pics of my boo up. $150l

I can never resist funky junk. I love their builds. $150l

{what next} Summer House Window Seat & Shelves (Nautical)
Usually when I try and put together an sl house I am always looking for something to take up wall space, this is a perfect fix! $150l

UrbanizeD - Zen & Massage Deck "Bali Dream" - Limited SUYS Edition ( AD )
This is a no brainer and it comes with stars (imma sucka for a star.) $150l

mudhoney princess playhouse
Perfect hideout for my kid av harmie. From the poupou hunt $0l.

little bed with bunny.
This is some sweetness. From the poupou hunt. $0l.

Insight designs always offers some quality textures, so it was greatness when they put these out for free this weekend! $0l

I love art. $40l each - handmade so its beyond worth it! Support your artists!

Intrigue Co. - Duck Raincoat: Project Themeory

I wasn't going to get this at first bc I have a picnic set up thats nice but after looking closer and seeing the fly details like the radio, I couldn't resist. $50l

They're cute and well done. $50l.

dope lil hair accessory. I don't remember the price but probably $70l.

Hope you guys find some stuff you love this weekend too! Please share the coolness if its worth a mention! Happy Shopping =]

Amy W. - Back In Black

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