Friday, July 8, 2011

thee fresh pair

blog post - xclusive kicks

What can I say imma sucka for some kicks. I wasn't sure if this store is new or not so I hit up the owner, xclusive Verino, and asked him how long he has been creating, he has been sculpting since 2010 and I'd say is doing a pretty good job. I was introduced to Verino's shoes while inspecting one of my sl kids "friends" shoes (I think they dry hump when I'm not home.)I went to the store leaving them home alone to fufill my sl kicks quota and bought a few pairs to test them out (no demos but he said possibly in the future there will be demos offered.)The shoes speak for themselves, so check em out at his main store here. It seems like he is active and hopefully he will make new releases often!

Tp to Xclusive here

lotd 07.08.11
I usually keep my lotd on my flickr and dont blog them but check out xclusive's new release, the jordan XII's.

"i lace my feet with things you cant compete with..."

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