Saturday, July 16, 2011

thee meet steevo the shark


The Seasons Hunt is by far my favorite and one of the very few hunts I'll do on sl, it may be the only hunt besides the tea hunt I complete. Its always well organized with tons of great prizes and fun themes. This year we are on the lookout for Steve the Shark!

I definately enjoyed some of the slickness of the store owners that put out multiple Steve's so you have to find the right one (Cheeky Pea & Epoque did a great job of this.) I'd have to say What Next had the most appropriate placement for Steve and {theosophy} had the most original placement. All in all I finished the hunt this morning and I couldn't have done it without a friend I picked up along the way named エリエリ (ellyerie.eddenbaum). We stuck together after afks and crashes and completed the hunt together in no time! Thanks elly for all your help =]

There are no hints with this hunt, which is expected, it is the OG of hunts and well, whats a hunt with hints...its not a hunt. But if you get stuck trying to find some of the clever hiding places, there is a group in world you can join and ask in chat for some help. You'll get a mixture of replies from helpful to asstastic, but someone is sure to help.

Check out all the stores and their landmarks here at the official Seasons Hunt blog. Happy Hunting!

Here are a few of some of the great hunt findings (more on flickr)...



Strong Arm Steady & Talib Kweli - Hunters

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