Friday, July 23, 2010

thee rbcg re-opening

blog 07.24.10

rbcg is re-opening the store and it looks like greatness!

we love covering creative stores that keep us on our toes with their newest releases, and rbcg definitely does that!

the owner of rbcg wears many hats in addition to creating super dope stuff, she runs project themeory, takes on custom build projects, manages a sim, and who knows what else!? plus she's just super friendly!

i went to check out rbcg today because i couldnt make the party yesterday and i was truely impressed with the new look. the store is welcoming, cozy, and organized. there are subscribe-omatics placed throughout the store, make sure to hit one up to stay updated on new releases.

as soon as you enter the store str8 ahead there's a free gift thats pretty "fly," hehe. make sure to pick it up. check out some snaps of the store as well as a few of my favorite items that include some super villan items and giant sunglasses (i love disguises since imma ninja) and the dream catcher is super cool!

make sure you check out the re[new]ed rbcg!

I fly like paper, get high like planes

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