Wednesday, July 7, 2010

thee albero summer gatcha festival!

The Gatcha festival is super dope! There is no doubt, something for everyone here from furniture collectors to shoe lovers. The best part about gatcha besides all the fun stuff to get is that they are all trans so you can trade with others if you didn't get the item you wanted. There is so much good shit at this festival, check out some of my favorites below.

blog 07.08.10

- definitely the katatonik boom boxes
- duboo supermarket shoes!
- Reek fanny packs
- so what hooded themed waist sweatshirts [after many tries i got the painting one!]
- barcode's driftwood shelves & skyboxes
- modest house skyboxes
- Doppelganger Inc. shorts & dresses
- Fabulous Soul Club lamps, mixer, microphone, and more!
- true love never dies tables

I gotcha! Lupe Fiasco.

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