Friday, July 2, 2010

thee 50l friday 07.02.10

50l Friday is pretty dope this week! LAP has all the poses they are retiring marked down to 50l! I'd have to say my favorite this week was hard to pick. I really was diggin on the shorts from Doppleganger and the flowers from Tweedle, they are so creative! Also North West is a new store to watch out for, she comes up with some creative items, i believe this store will set some trends for others in sl.

blog 07.02.10

This weeks goodness...
[North West]
Callie Cline �
Tweedle �
Whippet & Buck �
Long Awkwad Pose
Doppelganger Inc
Clawtooth by Clawtooth �
Split Pea
So Many Styles
Ty Zvezda �
Milk Motion {I didn't see anything out here when I went this week, but I could've missed it, they have a great gift for hitting their subscribe-o-matic and some really cute stuff like totebags, its def worth a trip}

Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item. The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

Dearly beloved - Pusha T

"got em checkin for wings cause ya girl so fly/bet u she tells u to beat it as she moonwalks by..."


  1. I love the shorts from Doppleganger too.

    Ninja in a can? I bet Chuck Norris has something to do with that. *ponders*

    Happy Inde-pendy day!

  2. yeaaaa, they're super cute. theres some shoes at ordinary i think you'd like, they look like some old hightop adidas bur worn in, they're perty fly.

    oh and u kno chuck norris has erything to do with my ninjaness. he is my mr miagi <3