Friday, January 1, 2010

thee classic

theres pretty much nothin more classic then atari!!! I stay on the move and ri now i'm in between land, so I nested in a familiar place. While nesting I found some great stuff to decorate with. One of my favorite finds was the atari system at smersh. It has lots of details that come with it and some great animations. Wut made it all the better? is the customer service the makers of the atari sold at smersh gave me. They were extremely responsive during the holiday and while my problem was a missing item [prolly my caches fault] they were great help and extremely understanding. i've loved the smersh store and all their great offerings from prefabs to animated furniture, but theres nothing better than great customer service that makes you adore a store. thanks again!

visit smersh here!

blog 01.01.10

blog 01.01.10

this ri here is an automatic classic.

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