Friday, January 15, 2010

thee sweet<3

blog 01.15.10

I went and checked out the Albero Sweetheart Festival the other day, they always have the best events. Above are some of my favorite things i found. They include this fly dress from SMS, cozy sweater from Milk Motion, the supa dope and detailed free subscribe o matic gift from Miel - snow shoes, cute dresses that imma wear as shirts lol from Acid & Maela, creative love notes from Scribble - perfect for ya valentine, pretty coo furniture from the Sea Hole, supa creative jewerly from GBL - love/hate love/peace cuffs, and angel wing necklace, and some coo skyboxes and landscaping items from Tweedle. Some items not pictured that i was diggin include the well put together gift packs from This is Fawn, the long sleeved heart shirts from Surf Co, and the chocolate addict from Slow Kitten.

You should definately go check it out here and find your favorites!

Festival info:
The ALBERO Winter Sweethearts Festival begins January 11th. The festival will run right through Valentines Day and beyond with some gorgeous Winter and Love themed items for you to snap up. Even some exclusive to the Festival items here and there which we can`t wait to tell you about.

there's only one step down from here baby
its called the land of permanent bliss

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