Saturday, January 2, 2010

thee home now

blog 01.02.10

blog 01.02.10

i wanted to blog the house im living in currently b/c i love it. brownstones are so dope to me. they give me warm and fuzzy feelings of cosby show flashbacks. the brownstone is well built, with 4 floors. it comes in a copy and no copy version. the picture above are 2 copies joined together. feel free to check out the in world copy here [just dont be rude b/c its my house lol] and you can buy it here.

More info from the creator:
ABOUT - The brownstone build was originally created for friends and I to live in. We've decided to release the build to the public rather than use it for our own personal use and we hope you enjoy it. It's been one of my personal favorites to live in.

INFO - The build comes in two versions - Copy or No Copy
The No Copy version is transferable.
The Copiable version is not transferable but you may make as many copies of it as you wish.
It's priced higher due to this and at a bargain price which offers lots of discount to those that don't wish to live in one stand-alone apartment.

PLEASE BE AWARE - We have noted that our imagery is misleading as it shows the apartments when they are attached together.
The apartments are single and rez as one single apartment. The apartments have been designed to slot together with additional copies as shown on our sim - we are showing a row of 3 apartments hitched together as the demo.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - We will not refund your purchase if it's non-transfer OR even transferable.
However, we are willing to do replacements on all transferable and non-transferable items. If transferable the item will only be replaced if it's non-functioning or you have made mistakes by modding it - you will be required to send us the copy, proof of transaction before a new one is sent over.

Any lost items due to them being no-copy will not be replaced. This is the benefit to those that pay a little extra for a copiable item that they can back up. If your copiable item is lost it will be replaced under proof of transaction.

You may IM Lozlo Peng for any further questions you may have

some nights i look up in the sky and wonder where you are, i wonder if you could feel me

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