Friday, December 18, 2009

thee so dope

I love shoes. i love shoes so much that i believe i prolly was one in a past life. not just any shoe tho, i was a dope ass sneaker. one that you were proud to own, but never wore b/c if anything scuffed it you kno u would have an adult temper tantrum. and although i appreciate the flyness that horenbeek, urban bomb unit, and ordinary provide us with, i love a new guy. 2real is new to me and i love the designs he has on the line of shoes he put out. check the dopeness out at his store here. oh and...he also has a coo watch he has out as a giveaway.

ahhh and on my wish list is this cute bear from Urban Dollhouse!! If you
want to send it as a gift to a loved one just contact the creator, Oriana Robertson. And if you haven't done so alreadi, tp down to the store and click the subsribe-o-matic. She gives the cutest giveaways!

cant really argue like speech and debate
grab a honey on the side get a drink and we shake
people say that they fresh so I keep a stale face

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