Sunday, December 6, 2009

thee kinda of like a big deal

Its kind of like... alot of big dealios going on all over the grid by the means of giveaways and hunts. If your on a budget this holiday, but your favorite person to shop for is you, then check out the skipping stones down the chimney hunt, tons of great stores and gifts. Check out some of the finds at their flickr. Join the group for great hints. I work backwards, so I started the 2nd half of the hunt first today and still have yet to do the first half. Thanks to everyone in the group for the hints they gave and a special thanks to Shortcake [am withholding her last name in case she's in the sl witness protection plan lol]. She went out of her way to help so many people. She is super dope!
blog 12 07 09
tights - DPT Zebra Sheer Delightment Black
shoes - In Her Shoes flats Base - {{freeness}}
skirt - ::SUGARCUBE - chimney dress (skirt part) [down the chimney hunt]
tshirt - Pig - Anarchist Slumber Party Full Length J Faded Glory - [down the chimney hunt]
hair - ETD Chel - Chocolate {new release}

blog 12 07 09
shoes - [IHS] Bows Bows Brown Suede - {{freeness}}
skirt - "anuenue.TieredSkirts-White
hair - "*noju* no extension hair(group gift) -dark chocolat {{freeness}}
top - {SMS} Sorrow Long Skirt Brown [down the chimney hunt]

blog 12 07 09
shoes - In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots Dark Brown bottom left - {{freeness}}
hair - "*noju* relax hair 001 -black - {{freeness}}
scarf - *+SAIKIN neck warmer TSUBAKI - {{freeness}}
jeanz - MIASNOW Clothing - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - [down the chimney hunt]
sweater - *sUmi* rough knit beige - {{{dealio}}}

Also check out the free holiday decorations over at Mr Scrooge's Holiday Shop : Corbin's Creations and Cheeky Pea. They are greatness for offering these items free of charge! Yes i am Griswalding [80's movie reference] my sl home, i'll post pics when its all done lol.
blog 12 07 09

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  1. Awww! What a pleasant surprise :)) TYSM, the post made my week... <3Shortcake