Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thee zombie pillow fight

Ever just want to beat somebody upside the head with a bag of rusty nickels? Me too! Too bad nobody has created that attachment yet. But the good news is, thanks to Wakaba Kohime's Zombie Pillow Fight you can abuse your friends anywhere, anytime. It's very simple to use. Once worn, you can click on the pillow and a menu pops up with choices to either change the color, lock it into place, or sleep.
When you throw a pillow it really flies across the room and what makes it even more real is you can go pick up your pillow after you've thrown it. In order for the "bash" animation to work both players have to be wearing one and you have to stand close enough for the pillow to touch them. It even shows tiny attack particles when you're hit. The best part about this attachment is it's free.

So go get yours here
or here and take out the frustrations of the recession on your friends.

1 comment:

  1. These pics are good but like i said they woulda been better if i was in there bashing the both of you