Friday, August 28, 2009

thee sale weekend

It's so much stuff goin on, i can't even keep up lol. Below are some listed sales that are going on this weekend.

50l Friday always has some good finds, you can find the info at The Fawn. The owner of that store is the supa brain behind this weekly event. Some great stuff this week comes from The Fawn [shirt and dress], Reek [nintendo necklace - see vertigo verbs post], & Kat0tonic [crute dress!].
* This is a Fawn
* RC Cluster
* Reek
* Tiny Bird
* Katat0nik
* Pididdle
* Epoque
* Tyranny Designs
* Smudge
* Adore & Abhor
Glow is having a sale ri now. They got some coo eyelashes, sun glasses, and accessories. I picked up some of it all.

Pink Outfitters
is having their 50% off dress sale. I def ran thru and got a few things. I've been there tons of times and just realized there was an upstairs, so I grabbed a few things full priced too o.O lol. Dresses start as low as L$75 and nothing above L$125. PINK OUTFITTERS – Designer Cloth, Dailey (120, 75, 33)

Thee Poop hunt
is perfect for this blog =] But it is going on now and i will prolly blog about some of the stuff later. This hunt is on the festival sim only, not all over the grid. And its funty seeing all the stores around the sim smeared in poop lol. They said this hunt has plenty of goodies for doods, so grab ya guy for some quality tiempo. Check out some of the fun finds here. And start the hunt here at Tiny Bird.

Last but not least there is the Kookie shoe sale. Certain shoes are 50% off to make room for some updated shoes. Its worth the rez time =] kookie can be found on the cupcake sim.

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