Friday, March 26, 2010

the [pre]fabulous

I have a few favorite places. They are my favorites because they keep things original, they keep new stuff coming out, always have quality items and just make stuff I like or need. When you hit any 3 of those criteria, your a dope store, but if you hit all 4...your my favorite. I don't have alot of favorite stores, but PreFabulous is one.

I was browsing around for houses the other day and went to my go to spot, Pre Fabulous. I've lived in one of their beach houses, their cabin, family homes, and my pigs enjoyed their barn =]Needless to say they keep me coming back. I am always impressed on the details of their textures and the layouts of all their structures. On my visit there I saw their newest home. A few pics are below and you can see some more on the xtreet listing here, but a picture doesn't really do the house justice. You definitely need to visit it in world to appreciate the details of the house itself and the textures and furniture made for it. My favorites spots in the house include the greenhouse pond, the walk in closets and the artist room. Its a large house, so I'm sure you'll find plenty of favorites too. Enjoy!

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