Wednesday, April 7, 2010

thee stay cool

yaaaaaaaaaaayy! *jigs & jerks* (wonderkids)! have a new store and location =] Thanks to Krysten Jigsaw for such a great custom build! She was super fast, super nice, and super creative!! We have lots of stuff coming up. See below for a few items =]

<(wonderkids)! new store =]]]]]]

new store! new location! new stuff! =] Check it here!

blog 04.02.10
Ode to Alice Tees for Black Friday

<(wonderkids)! salute to 420 tees
Salute to 4.20 for well...4.20 =]

I'm puffin this Cohiba mami coolin her heels
All she ever seem to do is play it cool f'real
She be pushin, pop vessel, and her shoes is ill
But her hand, keep slippin on the woodgrain wheel
But it's cool, we never slippin when there's moves to make
Especially when what we talkin ain't ya usual cake

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