Thursday, March 25, 2010

thee lately

Recently I checked out a SAIKIN and picked up a few things. My favorites are the cargo pants and sweat pants. They also have a good selection of basics great for layering.

blog 03.25.10

hair :: .+*Cuto*+.Strawberry [MS] MIRAI STYLE

shirt:: [CALYPSO GIANO] Double Strap Top

pants:: SAIKIN cargo pants R71 beige

shoes:: [ hoorenbeek ] Pegasus - Women - Olive/Yellow

blog 03.25.10

hair:: .+*Cuto*+.Strawberry MIRAI STYLE

shirt:: (NS) Jesus white

pants:: SAIKIN sweat pantsQ5 gray

shoes:: UBU Drunks

SAIKIN means Lately.

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