Friday, May 28, 2010

thee soul food

Getting ready for food, fun & sales this weekend! Happy Memorial Day C:

blog 05.28.10
50l Friday, tp to any of the stores and click on the $50l Friday sign to receive a list of stores and their landmarks. Heres a ride to Miel, one of the store's on this weeks ticket

blog 05.28.10
Check out ID this weekend, they are having a Memorial Day sale where EVERYTHING is $25l! They have some great stuff for guys and girls. I got alot of separates to match up. They had some reallllly cute floral skirts right in the front when you walk in, so make sure to look around for some great finds C:

a heaping helping of fried chicken
macaroni and cheese and collar grees too big for my jeans
smoke streams from under the lid thats on the pot
aint never had a lot but thankful for what i got

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