Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pose for the frame

If you've seen me on the grid 9/10 you've seen me with some kind of gadget. I am a gadget junkie especially when they serve some kind of purpose aside from just looking cool. I was exploring a few days ago when I found this store named Le*Canon by xLUNAx Pienaar.

She has this gumball machine in her store that you pay 20l for your choice of camera accessories. One of the choices is a camera that attaches to your pants. (far left, and middle left in photo) The other choice is a typing overrider that looks like you're snapping a photo as you type. It even has a flash! (middle right, and far right in photo)After you purchase it, it's boxed in what looks like one of those plastic balls you get from the gumball machines at the supermarket. And if you wear it your avatar shakes it like you're attempting to open it.

The colors you get from the gumball machine are completely random. But 20l isn't going to break the bank so go ahead and try until you get your favorite color.


[photo by Vertigo Verb]

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