Monday, April 25, 2011

thee appreciated | art dummy version

I was browsing the sales today and came across a home store (no names, im sure if you're clever you can figure it out) I had never been to before. I love finding new stores because it means new things I haven't seen before that I can buy and add to my ever growing collection of things i dont need but must have for my pixel haven.

I landed at the new store and was somewhat familiar with the surroundings, it reminded me of What Next's overall store set up that creates an inviting atmosphere of reminding you of home. As I start walking into the building I see somthing else familiar, an entrance fixture that I've seen at Lalalicious before. I even inspected it to see who made it because it was so similar, sure enough the store owner was the creator. Then I ran (because i dont walk in sl) thru all the different rooms checking out the furniture and home accessories figuring out that it cant be a coincidence that I've seen these pieces before. From lights, chandeliers, bookcases, cabinets, and more, I realized that I have some of these things in my inventory all ready but not from this creator. There were a handful of things that I hadn't seen before and I liked but it made me question whether I just hadn't discovered another store she had already. I guess its like they say...imitation is the best form of flattery but to me creativity is golden. It also made me appreciate the current home & garden stores that I frequent when I need something for my sl home or the school. So I'm going to try and feature a home & garden store that I appreciate as my time permits. The first in this series will be art dummy!

Art Dummy I discovered while visiting Lisp (another store I will definitely be featuring.)The store started with a few things and has continued to grow and release quality products. Its like the creator has an insight into exactly what I like. Our first transaction was a cute lil goldfish swimming around, a chalkboard bed set, and well...a wooden art dummy. These items reflect my personality and of course that's what I'm looking to do when I work on personal projects in sl like my home. Below are some other find's from Art Dummy.

art dummy

All furniture in this pic - Art Dummy.
Skybox - Milk Motion (this past 50l fri)

Check out Art Dummy here for everything pictured.

Make Some Noise _ Beastie Boys - this is a must see.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Art Dummy! You made my day <3

  2. awww yay! we aim to please...most of the time hehe. Thanks for creating such dope stuff that I love so much it makes me wanna blog about it c: