Saturday, January 22, 2011

thee 52 weeks of color challenge...taupe

I have to say I've been spotting this color challenge for a minute but haven't participated yet. After I decided that a 52 weeks of color challenge would be a dope flickr set I decided to participate now I just need to catch up since theyre on week 11 already! I also got a new alt courtesy of my booski and have been freebying and hunting her out. I was sad when the link to my favorite sl home and garden blog was down for days when I was trying to hook up a place to call home but the seasons hunt and this weekends regular activities (50l friday, sat night fever,super bargain sat) helped us start creating a cozy environment. now look what $110L got us so far...

taupe.52 weeks of color challenge

52 weeks of color challenge - taupe.

Reek - Old Attic - 50l fri item this week

:: rucott :: shelf --- winter 1 - seasons hunt

[*Art Dummy!] between autumn and spring. (garden chaise) - seasons hunt

:: rucott :: Rag --- winter - seasons hunt

:: AB :: In Flight Window Frame - super bargain Saturday

:: AB :: In Flight Wooden Stool - super bargain Saturday

butterdish - starry wreath - seasons hunt

:: AB :: Oversized Knit Chair - seasons hunt

:: AB :: In Flight Book Stack - super bargain Saturday

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