Thursday, September 9, 2010

thee playhouse

If you ever thought about creating a kid is the time to do it...

Introducing the playhouse! If it looks familiar...its because it is, the playhouse is just like the dressing rooms we love...but for kids! I got to go a day early and check out all the great stuff for my kid av. My favorites this time around are definitely the kickrockz robot wooden necklace and the cute bytes swot hair. kickrockz stays creative pretty consistently when it comes to accessories, they also are a staple place to go for boys clothing and if you haven't been to cute bytes, you are missing out. They are the definition of creative. Cute bytes offers a little bit of everything fashion related and puts her cool mark on every piece.

Make sure you check out all the goodness the playhouse has to offer this week here.

blog 09.09.10

A letter from the founder essy:

HEY! Welcome to the playhouse.

We are a bi-weekly discount house that will offer content, created by kid avatars, for under 50ls.

The Stores in this Collection Are:
Miinii Inc
Dollee Pocket
Punky Lil Rainbow
Comic Nerdz
Labe Me Inc
CandyDoll Kids
Label Fresh
Just Kidding
Vicarious Vitae
Forever Young
Cute Bytez

There is a group gift for the ppl in the playhouse main group.

our blog is :

If you have any other questions, please hit me up or Barbiie Taurus.

xo.Esmeralda Rodex

playground - j.cole
"this is a playground, if shit got hard would u stay down, would u stand up for me would u lay down, or would u skate town on the first greyhound."

download it here.

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