Monday, June 14, 2010

thee c'mon son sign

It's been a minute since my last post. (HOW U doin? - Wendy Williams) I've been busy trying to restock the shelves at my store. Speaking of that, I know Urban Dollhouse mostly sells furniture but every now and then (when I'm bored) I like to build other misc items.

This time I chose to make the world famous Ed Lova "C'mon Son" sign. His videos always have me in stitches so I felt it was only right to bring it in world.

Now when you witness some extreme rachetness (and we ALL do) you can just whip out the sign, turn up your lip, click it, and say "C'mon Son!" It's reasonably priced at 150l, scripted to make noise and say random quotes when you click it so come get yours!

P.S. I have the spanish versions too. Vamos Hijo!
Not sure wtf I'm talking about? Here's a link to one of my favorite episodes.


  1. c'mon son! <3 it!!! especially the spanish version!

  2. *in my wanda on living color voice* @ theepoop
    "I got you.. you ain't got to go nowhere"

  3. i think the spanish ad looks better...vamos hijo!