Tuesday, September 1, 2009

thee put me on

So Many Styles Sale
!I loved SMS befo their sale thanks to sent aka booty for puttin me on to this store.

hair - exile aphrodite
bag - malt fashions hand bag {{{freeness}}}
bracelet - hawt rawkz summer dayz funkster bangle
bracelet - shampoo mix bangle
shoes - gbberish la jalouise boots
tights - sms knitted leggins {{{SALE}}}
shirt - sms silk blouse {{{SALE}}}

hair - w7y hair 101 type a {{{freeness}}}
bag - [icon] ds bag huge
bracelet - shade throne one pound bracelet
glasses - shade throne backstabber glasses
necklace - swallowtail natural stone necklace
tights - gbberish amelie tights
shoes - gbberish beauchamp heels
dress - sms lace babydoll dress {{{SALE}}}

Oh! and all poses courtesy of [LAP]'s poop hunt!

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